Words billowing like the lake

Words billowing like the lake

achensee.literatour - Lesen zwischen Berg und See

It seems to be a special power, a special magic which has always attracted illustrious audiences to Lake Achensee and kept them here and enchanted them. Not only kings, sovereigns or dignitaries have been guests here in the past centuries, some of them almost at home, but also for artists, musicians and writers the lake and its surroundings have been a retreat and a source of inspiration.

A writer of our time, Felix Mitterer, was born and raised here. So why not carry on a tradition that has been alive for centuries beneath the beautiful backdrop of Lake Achensee? This was the original idea behind achensee.literatour . This year from 11 to 13 September 2020 will see the 9th edition of the event. Every year in spring, well-known authors return to the lake, bring their stories and read them to the audience on an alpine pasture, in the historical Widum, on board an Achensee ship or during a hike.

“The connection between landscape and literature, the world of books, embedded between mountains and lake – there are few festivals that take place beneath such an outstanding backdrop,” is how author and patron of the Literatour Bernhard Aichner describes the magic of achensee.literatour.

Of course, already cherished traditions will be maintained in the ninth edition of the event: the mystery hiking tour on the Dien-Mut-Weg on the last day of the event and the awarding of the TYROLIA achensee.literatour scholarship in the course of the opening. The scholarship includes a prize money and a stint in the region. The winner can do the same just like everybody who comes to the lake and what Bernhard Aichner loves doing: “Roaming through the wonderful landscape, thinking and sitting on a bench with music in your ears and writing stories”.

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